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Sent 6 November 2001 from Menges, Slovenia and CC'd to ekit

Hi everybody!

I just wrote (and thought I sent) the hugest e-mail to you all, and this STUPID e-mail system then lost it all for me (thanks ekit).So now you'll have to get the short version as I'm out of time.

In Slovenia. Went to Ok-shoba-fest. I'll write again soon.

This STUPID e-mail system is still giving me problems with the address book, so I don't think most of you got the last group e-mail I sent - I've included it below. Hopefully this will tide you over ‘til I can get access to the internet again. Please send this on to anyone with no life who may be interested.

If you don't want to get any more e-mails, just do nothing, as I'm sure that with this STUPID e-mail system, you won't get any anyway.

Sorry about the negative tone - next time I'll be SOOOOO cheery. Good luck with the election and whichever numnut gets elected.

love the rilestar

Next exciting instalment...