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Following is an e-mail I sent to Chris Lilley (and others) on or about 13 April 2002 from Samos, which conatined the e-mails I had sent thus far and in which I tried to provide a rationale for them. This attempt was unsuccessful.

Even at this time, much like Dr Frankenstein, I was aware of the monster that I was creating. Fortunately, my e-mails did ask me to create brides for them (nor did they kill my fiancee and force me to chase them in the Arctic, but I digress).

The Half-arsed Introduction:


And these...the e-mails you've just been DYING to read. They are of extraordinary magnitude. Good luck...

Hi all!

For those of you that want them (and you know you do), these are the other e-mail updates I've been periodically sending. Although our trip started in London (or even Thailand), they start from Barcelona, from when I worked out an address book problem I had. They then follow our travels through France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Scotland, Ireland, Andorra and the UK, where we may have met some or all of you.

My first e-mail responds to one of Natasha's e-mails so I've started with that one of hers (it's not nearly as entertaining as my hil-ARI-ous repartee, but it's informative and she's kinda cute). If you want to read, go on ahead. If you don't want to, you know what to do.

It is long, but I hope you enjoy...

See you all soon as!!

love the rilestar and tasha

Next exciting instalment...