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Sent 15 January 2002

Greetings all, so soon after the last one...

Got our mobile number if'n ye be wanting it: it's 07763142868 - outside the UK it'll be +44 7763142868. If you call, we won't answer thanks to lack of coverage, but will access the message you leave post-haste.

Also, if ya wanna see where we're working, the website for the pub is OK!!

While rooting around the internet pretending you're not looking for porn, also check out - where there are to be found some photos of our Oktoberfest experiences (including some of Baerbel and Hank, for those of you who know them...)

Now, what morsels of news can I throw to you, to make this an entertaining exercise for all concerned? Well, I have just ridden into Ambleside to access the internet (a journey of around 5 miles, the things I do...) after being woken up this morning by some inconsiderate person using a drill SOMEWHERE in the village. We don't know where, but everyone in the village could hear it. It's a small village.

Also, I gather you would have heard by now that Prince Harry has been busted for smoking cannabis and drinking at the local pub. It's the end of Western civilisation as Britain knows it!! At least, it's been front page news for the past three days. Front page today: "Harry: tell us who your drug dealer is". PLEASE!! Do me a freakin' favour! Tell ME who your drug dealer is!

Last night, the lead story on the news involved a reporter asking some school kids about what they thought of the media coverage about this. A news story about the news stories. I shall rant no more.

All righty guys, have fun, I'll try and get access again soon (to the internet, not your panties).

love the rilestar

PS Thanks to Liz, Adne, Marg, Juddie and Loz for the e-mails and news. I'll try and do more personal replies soon...

Next exciting instalment...