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Subject: Bud-a-climp, Bud-a-CLAMP!

>Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 14:05:31 +0000



>Hey guys


>It's just come to attention that my group e-mails haven't been going

>to everyone in my address book. So I'm resending the four e-mails

>I've sent thus far in waves (much like nausea). My first e-mail

>responds to one of Natasha's e-mails so I've started with that one of

>hers. Those of you lucky people with names starting with A,B,C,D and

>E (and maybe some F's, Frase) have probably already seen them, you

>others I don't know. If you want to read, go on ahead. If you don't

>want to, you know what to do.


>Hopefully this will fix what has been a thoroughly enjoyable problem.


>love the rilestar


>PS Those of you who want Natasha's other e-mails, let me know.


>PPS Guinness was good last night. Might have some more today.


>PPPS Thanks Gab for letting me know (as well as for the e-mails you

>forwarded) - both you and Marg (and everyone

>else) should have been getting these e-mails from me. I DO








>Sent 3 October 2001 from Barcelona)

Next exciting instalment...